Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bring On The Rain

We've lived in this house for two summers, with a big project each summer. Last summer's mission was to install a shed since Biker Boy had to give up a 3-car garage. Plus, with no basement, we needed the storage. So the tractor got a new place to reside away from the searing sun last summer.

This summer's project (thank you tax refund) was putting up gutters and getting rain barrels. Biker Boy got them up about 2 months ago and with the unusual early rains, they've been filled up a couple of times! It really doesn't take much rain to fill them. You only need 0.33 inches of rain and 500 square feet of roof catchment to fill a 100 gallon rain barrel! Wow!

This is our west facing side of the house. We bought all the gutter materials at Lowe's. The two 50 gallon Suncast Rain Barrels on this side of the house were...ahem...the cheapest we could find at $89.98 each. I about swallowed my gum at that price! The price may make me queasy, but seeing the barrels full of water makes me giddy!

Notice the concrete pads under the barrels? Those help with the weight of full rain barrels and keep them level.

The east facing side of the house got one 100-gallon water barrel. This one was brought out to us by the county. The county we live in was offering water barrels to homeowners with their own wells for a discounted price. We only had to pay $40 for this lovely Tijeras Rain Barrel. What a deal! I am loving it! Plus the color even complements our stucco.

So we're catching the few drops of rain in this dry country. Maybe now I can work on my landscape. After all, it is a work in progress! Oh...and that dry stack rock wall you see on the east side of the house? My son and I built that last fall. There's a whole story behind that, but that's another blog.
I noticed the youngsters over at Young House Love were giving away a rain barrel this week from the Rain Barrel Company. Head over there for a look see at their info. You won't be disappointed. How do you catch the rain?

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