Thursday, July 9, 2009

Capiz Please

I have been drooling over capiz pendant lights for awhile. I've been dreaming of one to hang in my daughter's room. The drooling comes to a halt when I see the prices. They have some lovely ones at West Elm, but not in the shape I would like. World Market has a reasonably priced one, but it's still a little much for me. Then I spotted the $19.99 World Market Capiz Hanging Pendant Lantern. That got me thinking.....I've been wanting something to hang over my bathtub ever since we moved in two years ago. Here's the before, with just a recessed light.

Here's the after with the lantern hung.I would have preferred a white lantern, but it only came in coffee. It's a sacrifice I could make! I did have to alter a few things on the lantern. It had a bronze ring on it, which I painted white to blend in with the recessed light. I then used a needle to pull white thread through some holes on the inside of the recessed light and wrapped them around the ring of the lantern.I pulled the strings fairly tight, triple knotted and this is what I achieved.Then it was just a matter of having my tall husband put the recessed light back up in the ceiling and then I had a pretty, affordable pendant hanging over my bathtub. I'm happy! Now I have a pretty and affordable capiz pendant to view as I take a bath! Actually. I just like it even when I walk into the bathroom. Now I have another work in progress for my bathroom, at least it's a work in progress in my brain. Any lighting solutions you've had to work up on your own?

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