Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cheap Art - DIY Painting

I'm a thrifty girl. I like things to be cheap and it's even better when it's personal. So why not make my own art? A large blank wall in my master bathroom was yearning for something. I bought 2 2-packs of square canvases at Hobby Lobby, at 2 different times with 40% off coupons to hang in a grid pattern. Below is the outcome. I'm happy with how the shape mimics the squares in the privacy window.
I'm not a painter, nor do I think that I'm very creative. This was my second attempt. I had to recover the canvas in white paint and while it was still drying I stroked up and down with the blue color. I just used those little bottles of acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. Of course I bought them on sale.

My kids get credit for the next art project. I again bought a 2-pack of cavases from Hobby Lobby on sale, this time rectangular ones. I display them on the top of my kitchen cabinents, above the refrigerator. I have tall ceilings, so there is plenty of room. Someday I hope to cap off the top of the cabinents, but it's a work in progress.
For now I have lovely art to display, thanks to my kids. It's everchanging, so visitors to my home will also be greeted with a different masterpiece than the previous time.
It's a work in progess. Enjoy and attempt to find your inner artist!

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