Monday, July 13, 2009

Cupboard Crashing - Water Bottles

We're a water bottle toting family! From bike rides to hikes to runs and everyday use, a water bottle follows us everywhere. They even reside by our bed at night. (Yes, the kids potty trained and one to go at night!)

Storing all those water bottles is another thing. I'm in cupboard happiness at this house as it has more cupboards and drawers than my last two houses. (Hopeful this is my last home!) No longer having a basement I have found uses for all those drawers.

Two drawers are home to an odd assortment of "adult" water bottles. We even had to throw some away to get them all to fit.

Here's the close up of the drawers. We now use the plastic ones for our outdoor adventures only. (Word of caution: Don't try mountain biking and drinking out of a water bottle at the same time. That's how I dislocated my shoulder. I'm going to become a hydration pack user!) The stainless steel ones are for everyday use.

This is the kids' drawer of all things drinking related. It's a bottom drawer that they can easily access.

Being a thrifty mama, I finally sucked it up and spent the big bucks on stainless steel water bottles for our everyday use. I found the large one at Costco. We got a 2-pack for $20...makes it $10 a bottle, which isn't bad for a large sized bottle. We have a total of 4 large bottles with blue caps for Biker Boy and black caps for me. I found the kids' bottles at on sale and had them shipped to our local store for free. Scooter got the Klean Kanteen and Chewy got the pink Innate Me-Me sippy cup. Both are happy with their own water bottles and they go everywhere with us! I'll watch for more sales of kid friendly ones.

So...What's in your drawers? Enjoy!

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