Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do What With Rice & Beans?

So many uses for dry rice and beans! Can you think of any? Perhaps dinner comes to mind? Or using them in a clear vase as home decor? How about like this?

These rice and beans have been in a Glad plastic baking dish for over 2 years now. Scooter refers to them as his "Tractor Rice." Here he is playing with them.

He likes to put in as many tractors as he can. I usually have him take some out before I put the plastic lid back. Then we store it for the next playtime.

This "toy" has been a lifesaver for me when I need a few minutes to make dinner without Scooter hanging on me. I came up with this idea when his sister was born and still he loves it to this day (so do I). I've heard of sand tables and liked the idea. But I needed something small to store and easy to clean up. Scooter can pick up any dropped beans and both the beans and rice are easy to vacuum. We've even got Scooter using a cordless Skark that his Grandma gave him to help clean up any spills.
So easy to make (even your child could do it):
  • 1 container with a top
  • Dump in some dried beans
  • Dump in some dried rice
  • Add toys
  • Play
Any other ideas for rice and beans? Or activities for the kids? Enjoy!

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