Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Power Savers

It's getting hot here! It's not very humid, but it gets hot. Here's a view of my thermometer and the temperature is still rising!

We have air conditioning, but still try to limit how much we use it. It cools down at night, so the windows get opened. When it starts to warm up in the morning, I run around shutting windows and closing blinds where the sun is strong. I'm now contemplating tuning on the AC as I'm sweating with this sling on!

To help save even more power I signed up for our electrical company's Power Saver program. They install a wireless device that puts our AC into conservation mode during peak hours. The temperature may rise a few degrees, but nothing noticeable. Plus, they give me $50 for participating. It's only been on the house since 9am, but I'm feeling good about it!

Here's our AC unit, next to one water barrel. The unit is on the right of the AC, attached to the house.
Here's the close-up.

We're trying to help conserve energy, it's a work in progress. How do you deal with the heat?

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