Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roll & Pack & Roll

Where does your family live? Far or near? Everyone in my immediate family and Biker Boy's immediate family live in different states. So that's a total of 6 different states, none of which are really close to us. That involves a lot of travel, either by plane or car.

Today we leave on a plane. My packing has evolved over time and is still changing, but I thought I would show how I'm packing for this trip. Having one arm to use has put a damper on my folding techniques, so ignore that.

For the shipped bags (ahhh, $15 a bag!) I'm using the roll technique. I don't always use it, but it does seem to make more room in the bag. Plus it keeps the kids' outfits together. Start with an outfit semi-folded together....

And then roll it up and put it in the bag.

For all things bathroom related (pain meds are a must for me this trip), I put them in a plastic shoe container. It keeps things from getting squished and if something spills, it's an easy wipe up.

Our two young travelers are now old enough to require their own tickets and to be able to walk through the airport themselves. Our youngest just got her own wheeled carry on bag, just like her big brother. We stash them with toys, books, snacks, and comfort items.

Here's a few carry on items that save us.
  • Snacks! They just don't feed you on a plane like they use to. We pack crackers, granola bars and some treats. The suckers are for taking off or landing if needed for the kids' ears. The gummies are rewards for good behavior. (Yes, I'll resort to food for rewarding the kids or myself!)
  • Magnetic play tray! We reserve these toys only for traveling on a plane or in a car. The kids love them and they actually keep them entertained for a long time.
  • Asthma meds for Scooter! I never put them in the shipped bags in case we need them. I put them in a $1 plastic pencil container and they ride along in Biker Boy's carry on, along with the nebulizer. They can lose our other bags and I wouldn't freak. (Maybe.)
I'm only slightly OCD (obsessive compulsive) when it comes to packing. I do label all the cars Scooter packs so I know which ones should come home. I prefer to do the packing so I know where things are and what things need to come home. Biker Boy puts up with me well!

Well, blogging shall cease for a week. I'm off to visit family and get my yearly trip to IKEA! Yippee! My spending at IKEA will be limited to what I can fit in my shipped suitcases....and there isn't much room.

Any packing tips or tricks you've learned along the way? Enjoy!

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