Friday, July 17, 2009

What Do You Have Behind Open Doors?

Do you have something hidden behind an open or closed door? What do you have behind there?

From our attached garage you enter our laundry room, which is also known as the mudroom. Once in the mudroom there is a door that leads into the main part of the house. That door is usually open. It only gets closed when Biker Boy and I are trying to watch a movie and the washer is on. Noise tends to carry in an open house.

I've got a little something hidden behind the open door. A bright little something that doesn't seem to match the decor elsewhere. A little something I can't bear to part with. Here it is:

Yes, it's my children's handprints, footprints, and growth charts.

Here's the lowdown on what I did for the handprints/footprints. I got a 2-pack of canvases from Michael's on sale. I painted them in leftover paint from a dresser and desk project for Scooter's room and then let it dry. When Scooter was 15 months old Grandma helped me paint his feet and hands green and then plop them on the canvas. Important tip - use a helper, paint hands and feet with a soft brush, have water and a washcloth handy, and if you make a mistake...wipe the wet paint off quickly and try again. These use to hang over Scooter's bed until the little sister came along. When Chewy turned 15 months old, Biker boy helped me put her prints down. I forgot to keep the same green color, so hers is a shade lighter. I still like it, even if it hangs behind an open door.

I just love those little feet! (Okay, my son seemed to have big feet at that age.)

For the growth charts I used some leftover 1x2's my husband used for a project. I quickly coated them in some white primer I had lying around and let them dry. (That's pretty quick in a dry environment). Scooter helped pick out colors and polka dot paint them onto the boards. I then used a paint marker to mark out the measurements. Pink for the girl and blue for the boy. (I original!) The kids picked out ducks at Michael's that I got for 10 cents with a coupon. I put their names on the ducks and stuck them with sticky velcro I had lying around to the boards. Important tip - measure from the top of the baseboard molding. If your molding is 2 inches high, start your bottom measurement at that. Hopefully we don't ever have to move, but if we do....I can just remove the boards and take them with us.

It makes me smile to see these momentos of my children's growth whenever I have to close the door. Anything hidden behind open doors that makes you smile? Enjoy! shoulder has to be in a brace for a month now due to my unfortunate mountain bike crash. That puts a hold on my projects I had wanted to do. bummer.

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