Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes, You Can...make popcorn in the microwave

Make popcorn in the microwave without it actually being microwave popcorn? Oh, yes, you can! It's actually very easy and I've shared the idea with many friends. My mom actually shared it with me.

Here's the easy and tasty steps:

Get yourself some popcorn.

Put a single layer in a glass casserole dish with a cover. (Or as a friend of mine does...put the popcorn in a brown lunch bag and close the top.) This step is easy for even the littlest of hands, just like my son is demonstrating here.

Put in microwave for 5 minutes. As cooking time and temperature varies with each microwave...look and listen as you would with those microwave popcorn bags. A burning smell means you've killed it.

You should end up with fluffy whole grain goodness and a few unpopped kernels. Dump into a serving bowl and repeat for more popped corn.

Serve it up your style with your favorite flavorings. Is it all natural, perhaps sprayed with a little olive oil cooking spray and sprinkled with garlic powder, or doused in melted butter and sprinkled with sea salt? The latter would be my preference! I also like a little Red Hot sauce sprinkled on when I'm in a spicy mood!

There you have it! Microwave popcorn without the microwave popcorn. How do you enjoy it?

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