Friday, August 7, 2009

Bloggy Business

The weekend is upon us, my parents are visiting, and I only have just over a week left in my shoulder brace. Time for a happy dance!

And with that optimistic introduction, I'd like to introduce some new topics or labels for my blog baby.

Cupboard Crashing

Yes, I've already started this one. Twice. I'd like to continue it and make it a regular feature. Perhaps I'll even get some cupboards cleaned up in the process with before and afters. Aren't you ever tempted to peek in your friends' closets and cupboards? Well, here's a chance to see into mine. Be warned, sometimes it's not pretty.
American Attic

A friend once told me that someone asked her what type of decorating she did in her house. She replied, "American Attic." Meaning she had lots of hand me down furniture from family. That pretty much sums up my house. The first piece of furniture we bought was after 4 years of marriage and was a shoe bench kit we had to stain and build. We just bought our first bedroom set after 9 years of marriage. Then we bought our son a mattress just before his 3rd birthday. Other than a couple of Molger benches from IKEA I got last year, that's all the furniture we have ever bought. All the rest is hand me downs from family. So the American Attic series will feature the most hated and most loved hand me down furniture and things (for lack of a better word) that have been bestowed upon us by family. I don't plan to just feature my things, I'm looking at featuring what others have been recipients of.
Here's a sampling of one item we received from a family member about 5 years ago. What did I do with it? That's a blog for another time.

Reality Check

I adore looking at home decorating magazines. I literally devour my Better Homes and Gardens magazine in a few minutes. I love looking at the spotless and so prettily styled rooms. I use to be envious of the gorgeous styling, but have come to embrace that perhaps my home will not look like a magazine page for many years. Maybe not ever. I don't have a housekeeper, nor a stylist to pretty things up. Plus, my sense of design is still in the works.

I've got two children and as any mother I struggle to find the balance between spending time with my children and spending time with the house. Most days my children win! After all, they are only young once and they won't always want to play with me. Some days the house wins! Especially when the kitchen counter is piled with dishes or clean laundry is laying all over the couch and waiting to be folded.

The only time my home is really neat is when I'm in bed. I'll clean up after the kids go to bed and the house stays pretty while I sleep. No one sees it. Then the little hurricanes get up and things land every where. I'll showcase the nitty gritty here. Perhaps pictures of my pretty room and pictures of what it looks like on a typical day. My home is slowly evolving, so I'll show all the before and during. I'm not sure I'll ever be finished.

Here's a homemade bench and storage unit. It won't be featured in a magazine. The color is not right, it could use molding, less stuffing of stuff in it....but it's reality for me. It's serves a purpose and I'm happy with it. Reality check.


I plan to continue to share my musings on other decorating projects, gardening in the desert, my battles with bunnies, and organizing with children. I've got some easy recipes to share and children's ideas to pass on. I'm looking for any good tips too! My greatest passion is being a mom, so I hope to continue to blog on that.
Everything is a work in progress here. What have you got in the works? Enjoy!

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