Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cork It

Cork it! Ah ha....sometimes I just make myself laugh....and probably just myself.

Here's some more cupboard crashing on a little project I did yesterday. With one arm. So it's gotta be easy.

I bought these cork board tiles a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to doing something with them.

Now this is not an original project, it's been done before. Probably by countless others. It's not fancy, just useful. I've got a fabric covered cork board in my office/multipurpose room. These ones I'm leaving plain. Natural beauty, just plain.

These babies were destined for my cupboard, for all the odds and ends. For the preschool calendar. I used the right angle square (impressed Biker Boy, yes I did) to cut a small amount off two cork squaures so they would fit in my large household cupboard.

Then I pressed on the included self-adhesive squares and smacked those cork boards in my cupboard with one arm. I love easy projects.

Here's the finished project below. Not perfect, but really, who's going to see it behind my cupboard door? It's in my cupboard that holds phone books, calendars, batteries, odds and ends. Perhaps that's a cupboard crashing blog for another time. The bottom cork board now displays the preschool calendar. My oldest starts preschool for the first time in just over two weeks. I'm holding back the tears, I'm brave.
So how do you cork it? Where are your cork boards and what are you doing with them? Enjoy!

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