Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY Art - Photo Collection

Yes, taking pictures of a collection is not a new idea. But it is an easy and cheap idea to get personal art. And I'm all about making art personal. So grab a collection of yours or a loved one and start snapping away with the camera.

My son loves his Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars. We play with them daily. Okay, he plays with them daily and I try to push them around with him on a 5 times a week basis. He's much more into it than I am.

For his 3rd birthday I decided to commemorate his love of all things with wheels. I took a stash of his wheeled objects and laid them on 4 pieces of white computer paper in a slightly sunny area of the house. I strategically placed the cars to cover where the pieces of paper overlapped. I then tried various settings on my camera and took a bunch of photos. I ended up with one I liked.

The real photo does not have the word "PROOF" in it. I just didn't want someone taking my photo without giving me credit. Forgive me for being a little selfish. It makes me happy that a few people have asked me where I bought this photo, as I'm not the greatest photographer. If you like it, try to recreate it yourself. My son loves to look at the picture and see which cars he still has. He's pointed out that he's missing the Mini Cooper.

I blew the photo up to a 10x14 size and framed it in a frame and matting I had laying around from an old project that lost my interest. It was hard to get a picture of it in my son's room. It was either reflections or a flash. Someday I may paint the frame, but for now it stands. Total cost of this piece of art was under $4.

Any collection you're hunkering to take a photo of? Anything you collect? What have your kiddos got stashed in their rooms? Had a collection as a child that you wish you still had or had a photo of? Share those collections!

If you can't recreate your own photo and would like a copy of mine, leave a comment or jot me an email. I'll see what I can do for you. Just don't expect a real quick response, I have two kids at home with me!

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