Friday, August 21, 2009

DIY Art - Photo of Favorite Place

I've been revealing a few updates on my master bath in the past. I've got a few more things planned now that my shoulder is out of the brace and I can pick up a paint brush again. I just can't raise my arm above my head yet, hopefully physical therapy helps quickly!

I've posted on the capiz chandelier I put up over the tub and the cheap paintings I also hung up on a bare wall by the tub. Notice the framed photograph on the left hand side that looks like the one below:
Lake Superior! My husband and I kayaked there often when we lived in the midwest. We now live in the Southwest with little water. Actually, the bathtub is the only water we have. I've decided to have our bathroom be reminiscent of a blue water filled area. I enlarged the photo for less than $4 to a 10x13 size and framed it in a white mat I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and a silver frame I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby also. The white mat and frame match another picture I have framed in the bathroom also, hence the reason for choosing them. It's lovely to sit in the tub and look at water I use to spend a lot of time in. That was cold water, I prefer to sit in hot water. But I do miss kayaking in the cold water.

I've got a few things planned for the master bath and hope to reveal them soon. Any favorite places that you've framed in your home?

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