Friday, August 14, 2009

I Love My Munchkins

Being a mother is frustrating, yet fulfilling...exhausting, yet exhilarating...trying, yet terrific. It doesn't take much to make a child happy. A hug, a kiss, tickles with your fingers, a scrap of fabric to hug, your cell phone to play with. After having two children, I've realized you really don't need all those baby products and things...things...things.

But sometimes things are nice. Sometimes things make things easier. Sometimes they're just plain fun. Sometimes they're just ducky!

And I do mean ducky! When our oldest was born we had a friend hand us a gift bag and say that he had received this when his first was born and that it became the gift they gave to everyone having a baby. It was a duck, a big yellow blow up duck, a bathtub duck. Uh-huh, I didn't know what to think.

But seriously, it became one of my favorite things. I've even given it as a gift, more than two times now. It's great as a tub because it doesn't use much water, it's soft and nicely shaped for babies, and you can hang it up to dry. It also has a safety disc to tell if the water is hot. Heck, we even traveled with the duck. You can deflate it, but we traveled with it blown up and its head sticking up next to a window to delight those traveling by us! Plus, it quacks! That delighted my children immensely!

The duck has provided great fun beyond a bathtub. We found it was a great place to set our son in to lounge when he was small. Even now my 2 year old loves to sit in the duck next to the bookshelf and look at books in it. Both my children still try to see if they both can fit in it together and pretend they're in a duck boat.

I love this duck. We're all going to be a little sad to see it go soon. We still have the small safety duck that floats around in the tub and wading pool. Both of these are by Munchkin. (Check out their website! I like what they're doing to help the planet and that they are phthalate free!) I don't work for Munchkin, but I'll definitely recommend these two products to anyone. They can be found at Target in the baby aisle. (Photos of tub and safety duck taken from
Perhaps if I get to ever have a giveaway on my blog someday, I'll give a safety duck tub! (I know, that's assuming there is actually someone reading this besides myself!) If you can't think of a baby gift to give someone, give a duck. What's better than a quacking bathtub?
Anyone else got a wonderful baby product they received as a gift and now give to others? Enjoy!

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