Friday, August 14, 2009

Landscape Want Ads

Desperate landscaping seeking devoted owner to tend and nurture it's brown soul. Must like sweat, blood, and tears. Lack of water, soil and earthworms, but lots of rocks are included.
This is what the side of our house looked like when we moved in nearly two years ago. Sad and neglected looking dirt. It needed a little loving.
Okay, it's needed a lot of loving and lots of work! It's still a work in progress. I'll be sharing some updates and what we've done to transform this little side yard. It borders an arroyo (ie...big drainage ditch) that runs between the house and the rest of the property. We thought this would be a good little place to experiment. Ah, the lessons I've learned and I'm still learning. Stay tuned.
Any lessons you've learned outside your house?

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