Monday, August 31, 2009

Let the Light Shine In

Good morning Sunshine!

Another weekend, another project. Biker Boy got inspired and spent Saturday morning putting in a light tube. What's a light tube? A genius solution to getting light in a dark area, but not having to put in a skylight.

We have three areas in our house without windows: the kids' bathroom, the laundry room, and the garage. (Okay, our master closet too!) Biker Boy decided to install a light tube in the garage as a trial run. We got an ODL tubular skylight from Home Depot for $152. We didn't need the optional extension kit. Slightly spendy, but totally worth it for the light.

Starting at 8:30am before the sun got too hot, Biker Boy got up in the attic and followed the directions in the box. He also had to get on the roof. He said the directions for that part weren't very detailed, but he managed. He's a smart guy. I won't give you the play by play. We now have a working sunlight in the garage. What a difference it makes! I can actually put the kids in the van or put recycling in the garage without having to turn on the light. It use to be dark cave out there. Oh, let the light shine in! In the picture below I didn't use the flash to show that you can actually see! You can see Biker Boy's beloved decade old car!
This of course works when you live in a place that gets 300 days of sunshine a year. Here's what the new hole in ceiling looks like. Gotta love things that meet Energy Star criteria for providing energy efficient natural light. I love natural light! Plus I love saving electricity by not having to turn on the light every time I go out to the garage. It was such a rousing success that Biker Boy plans to put one in the kids' bathroom before guests arrive for Thanksgiving. He was happy the whole project look less than 3 hours, with breaks!

Any quick projects planned? Any "bright" ideas for your home? Enjoy!

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