Monday, August 24, 2009

A Milestone Day

Sending your first child off to their first day of school! That's a Milestone. One that my family accomplished today.

Scooter was thrilled for his first day of school, I was anxious, and his little sister didn't know what to expect. At the first sight of a rug to drive hot wheel cars on, Scooter was off and running. I hardly got to say goodbye to him! His little sister kept saying, "I want Scooter." When we did pick him up she ran to him and gave him a big hug and said, "I missed you."

It's a sad day and happy day. I have mixed emotions. Happy that he's growing up and sad that he's growing up. It's cliche I know, but they do grow up so fast!

I took the required photos of him on is first day of school. I made chocolate brownies to have as a special treat tonight after dinner to celebrate the first day of school. And Scooter got to pick out a special snack cup to take his snack to school in everyday as his first day of school present.

We got a stainless steel Transformers Thermos Funtainer Food Jar. We made sure Scooter could get the top open and closed by himself before we bought it. It was a splurge, $15.99 at Target. Expensive for my taste, but we didn't have to buy any other school supplies and Scooter will use it 4 days a week. Plus it's my first baby going off to school for the first time. Ahhh.

The snack for the first day was popcorn and raisins sprinkled with cinnamon. Easy, healthy and delicious. Pop some popcorn in a microwave casserole dish and put in a snack container. Add raisins, sprinkle with cinnamon, and shake. Yum.

How do you react (or will react) to your first child going off to school for the first time? Any easy snack ideas? Enjoy!

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