Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rock On

I'll take a few posts to share the progress on our side yard. Yesterday I posted the before. Dirt and rocks. That's all it was.

I started by collecting the bigger rocks and outlining a flowing flower bed that borders the arroyo. Okay, I really just wanted to outline where the arroyo was so that my children didn't fall headfirst into it.

Then we planted a plum tree in honor of our daughter's first birthday. The picture below was taken just over a year ago.

I added some drought tolerant plants and much needed mulch. We took our trailer to the transfer station and they filled it up with mulch for $5. Not the cleanest stuff, but cheap. After observing where the water ran on our property during monsoon season, we bought some rock at a local quarry to help prevent erosion. The picture below was taken at the beginning of this summer. Look at how the little plum tree has grown! Not to mention how much my children have grown! The plants have bloomed or are now blooming and we're attempting to grow grass to keep the dirt in place. I'll blog another time about growing grass at a high altitude with little rain and poor soil. It's been a learning curve. I'll also detail in another blog what plants I've found have been working, especially with hungry bunnies lingering everywhere. I took the picture below yesterday.
I've found many uses for the rocks on our property. Outlining flower beds is just one use, I'll blog another time about the rock wall I built on the side of the house. Any other ideas for rocks?Have any desperate landscapes you're dealing with? Rock on!

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