Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rocking It Again

I've been detailing the progress of our side yard. Let's see, so far I've covered:
  • Collecting rocks and laying them out.
  • Putting in plants and mulch.
  • Bunny proof plants
Now on to the dry stack wall Scooter and I built last year. It wasn't to look pretty or be fancy. It was necessary. Necessary, as in it keeps creepy critters out of my house. After discovering various creepy crawly insects in my master bathroom, I was getting.....well, creeped out. After discovering a large spider and a snake in my master bath, it was time to do something. Biker Boy discovered the foundation of the house was above the ground where our bathroom was. Thus, creepy crawly things had easy access to get in. We needed to bring the ground level up past the foundation....and in my opinion....we needed to do it pronto! Here's a pic of what it looked like when we moved in.

Rather than spend money on retaining blocks, I took the thrifty route and surprised Biker Boy by building a dry stack wall....all by myself. (Okay, I had the help of a 3 year old boy). Biker Boy had a pallet of topsoil just sitting around waiting for the job to be done. So one Monday afternoon while Chewy was napping I bribed Scooter with a Popsicle and we started collecting rocks and stacking them. DIY Network was my go to website for directions on a dry stack wall. I didn't make a straight line like their directions called for. My wall also gradually gets shorter, to compensate for where the builder didn't put dirt up to the foundation when it was built.

I like the random wavy pattern and also laid rocks vertically, as opposed to all horizontally, to make them go farther. I was getting seriously low on big rocks by the end and didn't want to have to trek over hill and dale to get them. We worked for 5 days, Monday-Friday, during Chewy's nap time to get the job done. We'd get about 2.5 hours out each day and by the last day, Scooter was happy to just throw dirt.

Biker Boy was amazed and he covered the top with gravel from the local quarry. Now I've just got to find some plants to put in it. Bunnies ate all of the ones I planted in the spring and our grass seed seems to prefer growing in the topsoil of the dry stack wall than the clay/dirt we have on the ground. I keep telling myself, "At least it's green." Oh, that's the next blog of our side yard....planting grass seed. That's been a work in progress! (See the above pic for a preview!)
Any thrifty ways to keep critters out of your house? Any bribery attempts to get the kids to help? Keep rocking it!

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