Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shelve It & Stuff It

Hats, mittens, gloves, sunscreen, more hats, and many pairs of sunglasses. The endless small items that are required in hot weather and snow. I was tired of trying to find each child's sunglasses and locating missing hats. I needed an easy to make and easy to use storage system for my laundry room....aka....the mud room.

So I designed and Biker Boy redesigned and built this shelving and bench unit for the mudroom. (Did you get the redesign?) Keep in mind that Biker Boy built this with only an electric saw, a straight edge, and a drill. He also used a plane and a pencil. Minimal tools....big strong man! So here's how we now shelve it......(that big ol' bucket is for dirty cloth diapers. yum).

I added 6 Branas baskets from Ikea to stow all the stuff. Stowing it pretty much means we stuff it in the basket. I painted wooden letters (our initials) and hot glued them to the baskets. How did I ever get along before my hot glue gun? The "M" is for all of us and contains the many different bottles of sunscreen that get used daily in this high desert. Biker Boy gets 2 baskets, he seems to have bigger hats and gloves than the rest of us. Myself and the two kiddos each get one basket. The kids now grab and stow their own sunglasses and hats. Mommy trained and mommy happy!

Recall that Molger hook rack I was talking about yesterday? Biker Boy hung it last night for me. Yippee! Scooter is now able to stand on the bench and grab his coat and his sister's. It's a hook for children's coats. Kids only please. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

That little sign above the shelf on the pic below? I made it with leftover lumber from the shelf and leftover letters. It pretty much sums up our mudroom theme (Mud, Dirt, Clean, Repeat). The color on the shelf? Custom made from a $3 quart of oops paint at Lowes and a $1 oops tester paint. A grand total of $4 for paint. I mentioned to Biker Boy that I might like to repaint it sometime. That got quite the look from him. I don't think it was a happy look. But I was only kidding about repainting it....maybe. For now it adds some color on the cheap.

So how do you shelve it or stuff it? Any good tips for keeping all those necessary outdoor accessories from overtaking the house? As always, it's a work in progress here. Enjoy!

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