Monday, August 3, 2009

The Simple Joys of Summer

Back from vacation! Whether it's on vacation or just at home, it's the simple things that can bring so much joy.! Yes, I get joy from food and love to see my children's faces as they enjoy the "summer food." Popsicles in the backyard and food at the fair. Corndogs, root beer floats, mini donuts and cheese curds, oh my! (The last two are my personal favs!) Sitting in the shade of a large tree, especially when it's in the grass.

Running and sliding down the slip-n-slide. It's just not summer unless you slide down a big piece of plastic, land on a rock, and get a big bruise on your hip.Taking a dip in the wading pool. Please no tinting the water yellow!
Enjoying the green and beauty of summer's bounty. Walking in a flower garden and eating raspberries directly off the bush! Yum! It was truly a wonderful and relaxing vacation. We can repeat all these fabulous simple joys in our own backyard, except the slip-n-slide would be down a hill full of dirt and rock rather than grass. Can anyone say....Mud Bath?

What other simple joys of summer do you partake in?

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