Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunny Yellow Desk

In yesterday's blog I showcased Scooter's dresser that use to be his daddy's. Today I'll show the matching desk. Here's the before:

I had to sand to death a bottom corner, which a puppy in Biker Boy's youth decided to use as a chew toy. The desk use to have a hutch. No more. After Biker Boy told me a story about trying to climb the desk to get on the hutch and having it fall on him, I vetoed the hutch. Still don't regret it.

I used the same products as the dresser, but instead used American Accents Summer Squash color on the drawers.

When Scooter was an infant I put a changing pad on this desk and used it for a changing table.Nearly 5 years later the paint has held up beautifully. I haven't even had to touch it up....and that's after moving 2 more times!

And even better, the paint colors match the bedding set Scooter picked out when he was 2! Olive Kids Trains, Planes, and Trucks is the perfect complement to the desk and dresser and to Scooter's love of all things with wheels! (Photo from Anything you let your kids pick out in their room? Please share! In the future I'll show some art projects Scooter and I put together for his room.
Here's to a sunny yellow day! Enjoy!

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