Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Gets You Giddy?

I swoon, my heart palpitates and I probably drool. Okay, yes, my handsome husband can make me do that too. But seriously, I get giddy over.....IKEA. I mean giddy like my kid just peed in the potty for the first time, giddy like free chocolate in the mail, giddy like the tooth fairy left a $100 bill, just plain giddy.

The nearest IKEA to me is at least a day's drive and I have not attempted that. Thought of it, have not attempted it. So when we visit Biker Boy's parents they must know that my first request is a visit to IKEA and my second is a visit to Culver's.

Flying on a plane severely limited what I could bring back, plus the cost of shipping bags. I was not going to pay for overweight bags! Seriously....they cost a lot. I could ship it cheaper through the postal system (right?).

Here's what I came back with:

The Bekvam step stool. I'm loving it....seriously loving it. It looks so much nicer than the white metal and black painting stool we use to have the kids use to wash their hands at the kitchen sink. My children are still learning to love it. It wobbles and slightly dances on our uneven tile floor. I've got to get some of those thingies you put on the bottom to keep it from slipping. Can't remember what they're called at the moment. I personally like how the stool almost blends in with the cabinents. Lovely. It makes me smile!
Molger hook rack. They're small, but I've got plans for 3 of these babies. At $1.99, I might even have the in laws pick up some more!

Ribba frame. Cue the tears. Boo hoo. I packed this in a hard sided bag I had shipped, it wouldn't fit in the carry on. Bad idea. I should have left it with the in laws to bring in a month. Sniff.
I also picked up two Lack wall shelves, which will make the big trip with the in laws in a month. I really went to IKEA to get some drapes for my open dining room, but they were temporarily oversold. So my in laws have to make a trip back to IKEA to get those. I'm getting giddy again thinking of other things I would like. I think I've got to jot mom-in-law an email with a few other requests to add!

What gets you giddy? Enjoy!

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