Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who ya gonna call? Got a certain theme song to a certain movie going through your head? Come on....sing with me.....who ya gonna call!?

Did you ever misplace your parents at the shopping mall when you were little? Did you ever get separated from your class on a field trip? And there probably weren't cell phones back then? I read in Parents magazine about someone who made phone number bracelets for their kids when they went out. That sparked yesterday's project.

Chewy and I worked on bracelets for her while Scooter was in preschool yesterday. Then Scooter and I worked on his bracelets while Chewy was napping. We made phone number bracelets.

I got number beads with a coupon, colored beads on clearance, and some stretchy string at Hobby Lobby.

Then it was a matter of finding all the numbers I needed to make my cell phone number and Biker Boy's cell phone number. Luckily we had enough to make 4 of each number. So each child has 4 bracelets, two with mommy's number and two with daddy's number. Just in case one gets lost, broken, dropped, misplaced, etc.

We laid out our color options. The number below is totally made up. Don't try calling it. Chewy has three beads between the numbers and Scooter has 4. Chewy has 7 beads on each side bordering the number and Scooter has 8 beads. They fit snug. Someday we'll have to make them bigger. Not a big deal.

Then I tried to tie them. Ugh! Should have got the crimping beads. I tried thread like the picture below. Not good. Tried knots, also not good. Biker Boy managed a square knot or something that is holding. He's now in charging of tying the bracelets.

Here's Chewy modeling one of hers.

Any other ideas on helping kids remember phone numbers? Especially when your area code is for a totally different state than you live in!? Any other handy "Who ya gonna call" ideas to have your kids wear or keep somewhere? Enjoy!

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