Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheap Art Makeover

Cheap and Meaningful. That's how I like my art. (Hint...search the topic of art to see all the other handcrafted art pieces in my home that are made for cheap).

Look at these beauties below. These were gifts at our wedding over 11 years ago. They hung up in our first apartment and our first house. Then they resided in a box for 3 years as we moved to the Land of Enchantment and into 2 different houses here. I finally pulled the box out of my closet and unearthed these frames.

A can of Rust-Oleum semi-gloss spray paint in white and the frames were immediately transformed. I then set about finding some meaningful things to put in them for Chewy's room. I bought a cheap remnant of burlap at Hobby Lobby months ago and now I had an excuse to use it. Burlap is all the rage now, if you haven't noticed. Anthropolgie is using it in frames at their store and Better Homes and Gardens September 2009 issue had an article on how to use it for different things, including frames.

Some burlap, scrapbook paper, hot glue, Elmer's glue, photo stickers and 2 photos later....this is what I have.

I used a favorite photo of my sister's that she blew up and gave to me, a one-year old photo of Chewy, and a burlap cutout of her first initial. I'm hanging these up in her room that's in the process of being transformed. It's going to be a gallery style wall with framed things. So I've got some more spray painting planned in the future when the wind stops blowing. I might even hit up the thrift store sometime to get more cheapo frames.
The beautiful thing is, that as Chewy gets older she can switch out the stuff inside the frames to things that are meaningful to her while she grows up. (Who will be the new teen heart throb when she's a teenager?)
Anything you have that's worth framing or remaking?

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