Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home on the Range

We've had a cat for over 11 years.

Her name is Belle, as in Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." This cat in no Belle, she's the Beast. She can scare even the biggest person. My children tiptoe around her, I even carry a pillow in the middle of the night to ward off attacks. She's just mean.

She pukes hairballs more than any cat I know. When we leave her alone for more than a day she pees on anything we leave on the floor. She sheds, but not too much.

Yet, we still love her. Or we say we do.

I also don't like dog hair, dog breath, or that wet dog smell. I just don't like how dogs smell in general.

Yet, we came home with a small terrier mix dog on Saturday.

We named him Ranger. He poops on my bedroom carpet and is full of dander. In 3 days he's had 2 baths and 1 spray down with dander spray.

Ranger follows us around, loves to be held and will sit in our laps the moment we're seated. He loves to go for walks and ride in the car. He rarely barks, not even at other dogs. He's active, yet gentle. The kids love him. He seems to be the perfect dog for us. The cat even tolerates him, probably because she's bigger than him.

Ranger does bark and growl at my dad. Is that because my dad's a vet? Or is he just scary? He's not called Doctor Evil for nothing!

Did I mention Biker Boy is allergic to cats and dogs, as is our asthmatic son?

I'm a mom, I worry constantly. I worry with every little runny nose my child gets. I worry the dog will cause allergy problems (so far no asthma attacks). What would the asthma doctor say? He said no pets! I worry about even the possibility of having to give up the dog. Ranger seems to love our family and the kids are attached to him already.

So I've purchased every natural dander removing product I could. I even bought a Rabbit Air purifier for our main room that should arrive soon. Our children already have air purifiers in their rooms, but Scooter is going to get a brand spanking new HEPA filter one even though his room has always been declared "pet free." I'm going to worry until allergy season is over and there are no more runny noses. And then I'll probably still worry.

Any suggestions for dealing with allergies and owning pets?

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