Friday, September 25, 2009

It was Bad, but it was Good

Uff-dah! It's been one of those days!

I was the mother at the pediatric office with two screaming children and three vaccinations, but it was me and not you. (Other mothers are rejoicing that it wasn't them!)

The freeway was closed and my 20 minute drive home took 2 hours, but thankfully I stopped on a whim and picked up 2 Happy Meals for the kids to eat in the car.

They didn't give me any straws for the children's milk in the drive-thru, but I happened to have two sippy cups in the car.

I split milk on myself while at a standstill in traffic, but I didn't cry.

I didn't get myself any food as I planning on eating at home, but my daughter only ate 1/3 of her lunch and I got to eat the last 2/3 of a cold cheeseburger.

Towards the end I was getting frustrated with certain drivers who thought they were the only ones stuck in a one lane traffic jam, but my children were blissfully content with their Happy Meal toys. (I wanted to chuck one of those toys at the rude Mustang driver behind me and then he was ahead of me and then he was two cars ahead of me, but I just smiled.)

My daughter peed her pants because we didn't get home to the potty soon enough, but at least she didn't poop.

I almost peed my pants, but am thankful my family wasn't in an accident.

My prayers go out to all those affected by the accident that closed the freeway this morning and afternoon.

*sigh* there's cat puke on my daughter's carpet. I should have figured.

Go and hug someone or something that you love! Enjoy the weekend!

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