Monday, September 21, 2009

Light Tubes Light My World

Natural light, it's a beautiful thing.

Recall my blog on installing a light tube in our garage. Well, while the the parent in-laws were here, Biker Boy installed 2 more lights in ONE DAY!

The kids bathroom and the dark corner of my kitchen are now lighted without having to flick a switch!

We installed 14 inch ODL Light Tubes from Home Depot in both rooms.

As evidence of how much light they give, I took these photos of the kids' bathroom without a flash. Nothing has been done to alter these photos.

Left - Kids' Bathroom Before Light Tube, Right - Kids' Bathroom After Light Tube

See the difference? I think it's amazing! I almost peed my pants from jumping up and down so much, luckily I was already in the bathroom!

Any bright ideas on how to get more light in those dark corners? I'm loving my light tubes!

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