Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loving the "Sunset"

I went to my local library with Chewy yesterday and happened upon Sunset magazine. All I have to say is, "Where has this magazine been my three years in the southwest?" This magazine should be included in every southwestern transplants' newcomers guide. It should be handed to them the day they move here. It would make the transition to a foreign climate so much easier! Food, travel, colorful gardens, gorgeous homes, and tips for living in the west. I had no idea all this existed here during my first year in the southwest. Why didn't I know about this magazine sooner?

Photo from
Sunset has given me hope that I can grow something colorful here. I happened upon this garden on their website that is within 20 miles of where I live. There are plants and color, oh my! I'm drooling over it as I write. Now if I could just replicate the look in my yard without the use of a designer or spending too much money.

Photo from

As for our progress on the side's a couple of photos. The one on the left is from April 2009 and the one on the right is from September 2009. It's still a work in progress, but I'm so happy with it! The recent rains are the reason for the green grass. We barely water it.

While I was planting two mums from my mom-in-law behind the house (just behind the water barrel), I found 5 earthworms! Oh happy day! I was so excited, I was running around and telling everyone! Chewy and Scooter had to come over and hold one each and then carefully replaced them in the ground. Earthworms! My dirt must be getting more enriched to house earthworms!

Search "garden" or "landscaping" on my blog to see posts on how we grew the grass and what plants I've found to be "bunny proof."

Anything in your dirt that's got you excited lately? Any inspiring gardens or magazines you're fond of?

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