Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

I had to pick up some things at Target today and they were stocking the shelves full of Christmas items. I guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas.

So while Scooter was at preschool, Chewy helped me pick out some gifts for less fortunate children. Ever since Scooter was a baby, we've filled a shoebox full of gifts for Operation Christmas Child every year.

Chewy gets gifts for a girl her age and Scooter gets gifts for a boy his age. We stuff as many things as we can in a plastic shoe box (cardboard ones are fine too). We still have a few more things to get....candy, some play-doh, and Scooter still wants to pick out something else to put in the boy's box.
I've shown my kids the Operation Christmas Child website to help give them an idea of where their boxes go. We also donated online so that we could follow where our boxes went last year (Mexico). We are trying in instill a "thinking of others" mentality in our kids and this is one concrete way of doing it. The kids really do enjoy picking out gifts for others (it's usually stuff that they like anyways).
How do you get your kids to think of others? Any Christmas charities that you're fond of?

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