Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing Grocery Store

Did you like playing with the fake plastic food as a kid? I never had any as a kid, but loved playing with it. I did have the whole small metal kitchen set-up though. Likewise, I still don't have fake plastic food, but my kids love to play with it at the church nursery.

I took the cheap route to "playing grocery store" for my kids. And you know what....they still love it.

I just kept empty boxes, cartons, and containers of stuff we used or ate. I put them in a container and bag to keep in the kids' cupboard of playstuff and viola.....fake grocery stuff. They've also got some old cooking stuff to play kitchen with.

The kids set up the stuff on stools and chairs to play. They also love to use the stuff we get on our stock up trips to Target or the grocery store. (That gets them to help unload the car!)

Then they use one of Chewy's doll strollers as a shopping cart. They pick out the stuff they want and I check it out at the little kids' desk we have. They love when I make the "beep, boop, beep" sounds of the register.

An easy and cheap way to play kitchen or grocery store with your kids. I've seen some cute DIY play kitchens and I'm always tempted to make one. But that would mean I would have to find the time amongst all my other mommy duties. Plus my kids seem happy make believing with what they have. Thank goodness for simple happiness! Any other cheap ideas to reuse what you have for kids' activities? Enjoy!

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