Friday, September 11, 2009

Projects Galore

Blogging takes a back burner to house guests, travels, and lots of projects that the house guests brought us.

Here's a sneak peek:

Look here, it's a very old canopy bed. Lots of American Attic going on here. What can I do with that?

A very old doll house. Hmmm, Biker Boy wasn't too pleased to think that would be coming in the house. It's about as big as our house. He'll love it when he sees how the kids play with it. Someday.
What is Biker Boy doing here? Just wait for his "how to hang LACK shelves" tutorial.

Even Scooter's in on the projects. That boy knows how to use the mini roller!
Chewy's little room. Sad before. Soon to be much better after. It's a work in progress.
So many projects, so little time. But...spending time with the family is more important. Enjoy your weekend and those people who are important to you. What do you plan to do with them?

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