Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleeping like a Toddler

Sleeping toddlers, they're all different.

When we were expecting our first, we got one of those convertibles cribs. The one that goes from a crib to a toddler bed to a full-sized headboard. Scooter was in his crib transformed into a toddler bed all of a week when we decided to take it down and put it away before his sister arrived. That way he wouldn't think he was giving up his bed for the baby.

What did we do for a toddler bed? We got a Coleman air mattress from Target and put Scooter on that with his Olive Kids bedding. He was thrilled to be in a "big boy bed" with cars, planes and trucks all over it.

The benefits of an air mattress:

  • It's close to the ground, so if the kid falls doesn't hurt as much.
  • If the kid is potty training and they pee in the bed....hose it out and let it dry. Or just let it dry and hose it off another time.
  • It's a cheap alternative to a real toddler bed. Plus you can use it for camping or guests when you upgrade to a real mattress.
  • It's super fun to jump on!
Both our kids started on the air mattress when they turned 2. Scooter moved up to a real big boy bed just before 3. Chewy is now going to move up to a big girl bed.....but with the air mattress instead of a real mattress. She doesn't quite sleep through the night and stay dry yet.

Scooter stayed in his air mattress bed really well when he started on it. He stayed in bed until we came to get him in the morning. Chewy took a little "sleep training." We had a feeling she might be our "escapee." We kept the crib up and the first time she got out of bed we gave her a warning. When she got out again, we put her in the crib. The next night when she got out, we immediately put her in the crib. We put her in the crib a total of 4 times before she realized she didn't like that. Then she stayed in bed.
That's Chewy's current room above. It's in the process of a transformation right now. I've been busy working on stuff for it. We hope to put her American Attic canopy bed back together today. Watch for some blogs on the things I've been making for her room in the near future.

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