Tuesday, October 20, 2009

American Attic - How to Repaint An Old Canopy Bed

I've been hinting about the old bed I worked on for Chewy's room. Well, today I will reveal the bed and hope to show what I've accomplished on her room in the future.

This bed was once used by Biker Boy's aunt, then his sister, then his cousin, and was then bought back by his mom. It sat in the in-law's garage rafters for at least a decade. It needed a little help when it came down.
It had been repainted once before. A long time before, considering the last person to use it as a little girl is now around 29 years of age. (The bed is somewhere around 50 years old).

Here's a quicky rundown of what I did to refinish it:
  • Sanded the bed to get rid of peeling and cracked paint. If you don't want paint to crack and peel, the prepping part is important. Not fun, but important so you don't have to do it again. I wear a dust mask during this.
  • Clean. I use TSP (trisodium phosphate) that can be found at a local hardware store. It cuts through lots of stuff and cleans well. I wear gloves during this part and follow with a rinse.
  • Fill in any divots and cracks with wood putty. Let dry, sand and refill again if needed. Sand and clean once dry.
  • Prime any areas with bare wood. I only had a few spots that I got down to the bare wood on and primed just those areas with a latex primer.
  • Paint. I chose a latex based paint (Glidden) so that I could clean up with water versus an oil-based one. I've used oil-based before and it holds up well, but I've found latex to hold up well also and be easier to use. I prefer to use a mini-roller with a medium nap (not foam) to paint. It leaves less brush marks and gives a smoother finish. I used a brush to get in the little nooks and crannies.
  • Paint again. I ended up doing 4 coats because I applied them thin. Luckily I live in a dry environment, so I was able to recoat fairly quickly. It did take me a few days to get the bed done. Luckily I had in-laws in town to help occupy children!
  • I chose to spray paint the bed frame, it was quick and easy. Plus you don't see them.
  • Make sure to let it dry thoroughly before bringing back into the house and assembling. Any paint vapors will have subsided by then and you shouldn't ding the paint as easily when you put it back together.
The bed is white again and after moving it twice, we finally found a position for it in Chewy's room that is acceptable to everyone.
Chewy calls it her "princess bed." We chose to put the canopy frame up, minus a canopy (that no longer exists).
Chewy is so happy with her bed that when we went to visit my parents she asked Grandma, "Do you have a princess bed for me to sleep in?" And yes, it's an air mattress that she is sleeping on.
Now I still have to make a bed skirt, pretty pillows, and frame some pictures. Biker Boy is going to build shelves in one of her closets and I'd like to hang something (safe for a child) above the headboard. Any suggestions? Any repainting you've done lately? Enjoy!

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