Thursday, October 15, 2009

American Attic - Old Child's Desk

I've showcased a few American Attic pieces here before. There was the dresser, the desk, and the sneak peek into Chewy's room full of hand-me down pieces.

American Attic is my term for those hand-me down pieces from family and friends. Those pieces that have had another life in an attic or home. They may be well-loved or well-hated, but they are out on display in your home.

Today I reveal the blue children's desk. It was in my post on counter clutter revisited. Here it is up close and personal.

I wasn't thrilled about this at first because I didn't know where to put it. Thankfully I took it and it happily resides between the dining area and kitchen. The kids use it as a desk and I use it to put the cat's food on it so the dog doesn't eat it.

I haven't touched this piece or refinished it in any way. Someone else painted it the blue color. My husband remembers this desk from when he was little. I don't know the rest of it's history, I'll have to find it out. Does it bring back any childhood school memories? Hopefully good ones. Not like my dad's stories about the nuns whacking the naughty kids on the knuckles with rulers. Maybe he's kidding?

Do you have an American Attic piece you love or hate? One with a story? Want to share a picture or story with it? Send me an email and I'll feature it in a Reader American Attic post.

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