Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Fun

Any autumn themed books that you love to read?

My kids are really into "Leaf Man" by Lois Ehlert. For the past two years we've made our own versions of leaf men.

On Monday we took a bag with us as we set out on an adventure into the wild. Okay, it was just our couple of acres. We collected acorn caps, pine cones, and some leaves. Deciduous leaves are at a minimum in our area, so we scooped up what we could. Mostly oak. Okay....oak.

With the book set out as inspiration, the kids worked to make their own leaf men.

Some paper, glue, our collected items, and a bit of thinking and the kids were all geared up to create.
Scooter made this one all by himself: Chewy made this one with some help from Mommy. Okay...she dictated what to do and I made it.
I think they're cute.

You could make fun fall cards or place cards with the photos.

Anything you do during the autumn with things that you collect? Any other ideas for a leaf man or what to do with it?

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