Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Counter Clutter and Outlet Eyesores

Yikes! Does kitchen counter clutter get the best of you? With bills, preschool papers, appointment reminders, toddler doodles, and receipts, my counter becomes a catchall for everything. Especially since my desk is not where we enter the house and the counter is.

The counter nearest to my dining area tends to become the clutter counter. (Okay, most of my counters do, but this one gets the most). Below is a picture of it on a GOOD day (today). A really good day and perhaps the teeniest cleanup before a picture. Don't worry, some real reality check pictures will be coming soon.
I use to have a bread box there to stuff things in, but that was a problem. I stuffed things in it and forgot it was there. I also got tired of looking at the phone jack that is not used since we don't have a land line.

Solution? Round things up in the house and put them to use. I grabbed a basket my son received at his baby shower that was housing all the cords in our office. (Note to self...find place to put cords). The wood tone matches the cupboards and the blue kinda matches other blue stuff. I dug out a blackboard my husband had as a child and that my children seem to have forgotten in their cupboard of play stuff. Two quick coats of a semi-gloss white paint and it was good to go.
My forgotten grocery and things to do list that was on the side of the refrigerator moved to the "Now I can see it and hopefully won't forget it" blackboard. I added the flowers my daughter picked for me out of our yard yesterday. Did you notice how the flowers are in an aluminum can? Yep, cheap vase....I love it!

Here's the full effect picture. I know...those are my Lack Shelves on the wall and I said I'd write about those. My tutorial for how to hang the Lack Shelves will be coming soon. Maybe tomorrow.
So much better! The open basket slightly hides my lotion that is necessary in a dry environment and my hand gel that is necessary with two little ones. Plus, I can see the clutter I need to go through without seeing it all the time. My cellphone charger also hides in there and I keep my cell phone next to the basket so I know where it is. On a side note, my house seriously has a lot of electrical outlets and light switches. How come they're never where I want them? And yes, I am thankful I have them....even if they're not where I would have put them.
Any other tips on how to combat that counter clutter? I seriously hope I'm not the only one with it. I'm not, right? I think I'll have to tackle my other counter clutter tonight when the kids are in bed. Anyone with me?

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