Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cupboard Crashing - Young Boy's Closet

Cupboard Crashing - a peek behind closed doors. Aren't you ever the slightest bit interested to see what people have behind closed doors?

Don't you love closets and cupboards with doors? I love to hide the mess! Throw it in, shove it in, smoosh it in, way in.

I do pine over those lovely organized closets withs wicker baskets and everything labeled, but that isn't going to happen here anytime soon.

Without a basement (*tear* I miss a house with a basement), it became important to find a house with abundant closet space. Both the kids' rooms have double closets, but they don't have that many clothes to hang up. I don't even have that many clothes to hang up!

So last weekend Biker Boy converted one of Scooter's closets into shelves.

Here's the process of taking everything out and prepping it for shelves.

Here's the mess. You never realize how much stuff you have until you pile it all up.

Scooter spent a night in our closet as the paint dried, just to keep him away from any fumes. Then the next day he took the initiative to organize everything while I was getting Chewy ready for her nap. What a kid! He told me, "Mommy, I'm going to organize things in my closet." I wonder where he gets that from! Here's what he accomplished on his own:
Scooter did an amazing job, but not everything was in or easy to get to. So with a little help from mommy, this is what we got done before putting the doors back on:
I'm a big fan of "work with what you got and want what you have." The only materials we purchased for this closet make-over were:
  • Wood from Home Depot
  • Brackets from Home Depot
  • Two green fabric bins from Target
All the other plastic containers, laundry baskets, and bins were hand-me downs from family members or repurposed from other parts of the house. That blue plastic shelf containing the games is from my college dorm days. Yikes, that was awhile ago! We used paint the builder left us that matches the wall paint. An easy closet make over and so much more convenient. Scooter was the master planner in what things go in what bins, so I hope he can keep it that way.

What does your closet look like? A beauty like the one I dream of? A mess like my master closet with a potential to one day be better? Or just a functional closet like Scooter's? Whatever you have....enjoy yours!

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