Saturday, October 24, 2009

Current Favorite Lip Balm

Do you have young ones that like to use your lip balm? Do they twist it up so it gets stuck in the cap? I did that to one of my mom's lipsticks when I was young and she wasn't too happy.

Well, along comes my new favorite lip balm....and you can't squish it up in the cap or twist it up too far. Hooray!

My new fav lip balm is eos organic lip balm-smooth sphere. I received the sweet mint flavor for free during a promotion and I'm liking it. Actually, I'm liking it so much that I'm going to get some as favors for the ladies when I host Thanksgiving. Plus, maybe some for stocking stuffers. Yum!

My kids love the design of it. They call it the "egg." It's easy to find in my purse full of mommy stuff. I love that when the kids use it they can't mess it up. Fun for all!

Do you have a favorite lip balm? Do your kids? Just thought I'd share mine. Enjoy your weekend!

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