Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Love Shoes?

I'm fond of shoes, especially when I can get them for a good price. I don't have many pair of shoes, but I still love shoes.

For my younger sister's wedding celebration we all wore red shoes. My mom actually found my pair for $20 on clearance and hers for $10! Can you guess which ones are mine below and which ones are Chewy's?
From left to right:
Me ($20 at Off Broadway Shoes), Sister, Daughter-Chewy ($13 at Target), Mom ($10 at Marshall's), Sister-in-law

You gotta love good deals on shoes. Mine are actually sparkly red and something I wouldn't normally get. Yet, I loved them and they were comfortable. I especially love the picture with Chewy holding her bear below. We should have gotten red shoes for the bear.

Love shoes? Got a fun pair you love to wear or got a good deal on? Enjoy!

Many congratulations to my sister and new brother-in-law (who snapped the pictures)!

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