Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy Birthday Gifts

I've got birthdays on the brain.

We've been invited to a few birthday parties recently, we've got tiny friends in far off places with birthdays now, and Scooter turns 5 in 2 days!!

What's a girl to do for all those birthday gifts and still save money?

I've posted about how I often make no-sew tutus and princess crowns for little girls and give it to them with a book.

But what else can you do when you're not sure what to get? Here's a few non-crafty ideas:

Books with a small matching gift.
Oh, so many options. I'll give you two examples.

For the girls there is "Fancy Nancy Sees Stars" by Jane O'Connor with a set of glow in the dark stars. For the boys there is a truck themed book with a truck. (Did you see that one coming)?
I'm fond of giving books with a small gift, it's cheap and practical.

Anything sticker.
Reusable stickers are even better. Did you notice the clearance sticker? I tend to stock up on things when I can get them for a good price.Anything magnet.
Reusable and a handy travel-related gift. There are lots of magnet books or tins with magnets in them. I wrote about one in my packing post.

Gift cards.
Not exactly saving money, but sometimes a good bet. Especially for the preteen and teen crowd. For a charitable option, check out markmakers. Kids can shop for good and services around the world to be donated. I've given this one a few times and it's always been well-received. (Especially if you're unsure if you're suppose to get a gift.)

I'm tend to give books with a small present for the younger crowd. Is there a gift that you tend to get? What is it? Any other great easy gift ideas for birthdays? Enjoy!

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