Monday, October 26, 2009

Girl's Birthday Gifts - How to Make a No Sew Tutu

Birthday Gift Mania!

We've been in full swing with birthday parties galore. With so many parties, I'm all about finding useful and thrifty (cheap) gifts. One of my favorite gifts to give and make are no-sew tutus. I originally used directions from Make Them Yourself, but have modified the plans a little.

Here's Chewy in her tutu that I made last Halloween for her:
And now for the directions!

  • Spools of tulle in favorite colors
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

I get spools of tulle at Hobby Lobby as opposed to the yards of it. It involves a lot less cutting. The width is already 6 inches, so you just need to cut it to the length you want. Watch for sales on their website. They're on sale this week, $1.99 for 25 yards for matte finish and $2.99 for shiny finish.
1) Size the elastic and give one inch extra for sewing together. (I use my children to size for whoever I'm giving it to. Best to error on too large, than too small.) Using needle and thread, hand sew the elastic together. You could also use a sewing machine.
2) Cut tulle to the length you want. You will be doubling over the tulle when you tie it, so double the length you want when cutting. Example - If you'd like 12 inches of hanging tulle, cut 24-25 inches of tulle to tie. I measure with a ruler to cut the first piece of tulle. Then I use that piece of tulle as my guide. Don't worry about cutting straight lines, it won't make a difference when you're done.
3) Place the middle of the tulle over the elastic. Pull snug and tie with 2 overhand knots or put both pieces together and tie one knot. (A slipknot? I'm not sure what this knot is called, sorry.)
4) Continue tying tulle to elastic until it is as full as you would like. Spread the tulle evenly around the skirt.

I like to give the tutu to a little girl with either an Angelina Ballerina book or a Fancy Nancy book. I watch for books to go on clearance at Target, purchase them at Half-Price Books when I'm there, or buy them at Amazon with a gift card from my swagbucks. I usually have a small stockpile of books ready for gifts.
Any other birthday gifts ideas that are thrifty and fun? Please share! I'll be posting a few other ideas later this stay tuned.


  1. This is the first tutorial I've seen on no-sew tutus that actually makes me feel like I could make one! Hmmm, I'll be checking out Hobby Lobby for some tulle. Thanks.

  2. This tutu is so cute! And very easy to make, thanks for the tutorial.

    Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

  3. I was able to buy the same spools of tulle from for $1.01 a spool for 6", $0.98 for 3", and $1.65 a spool for 6" shimmer. I got the shipment in a week. This tutorial is GREAT. Thanks

  4. I found tulle in 3" for $0.98 a 25 yard spool, 6" for $1.01 and 6" shimmer for $1.65 a spool at Thanks for the great tutorial

  5. Awww, so adorable! I loved when my daughter was this age. She loved dress up and pretty tutus!


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