Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girl's Birthday Gifts - Princess Crown

Do you know someone who loves princess stuff?

Yesterday I showed how I make a no-sew tutu and give that as a gift to little girls. Today I'll show the crown that I sometimes give. It's easy and quick. While it may not technically be called a "crown," it's a nice little princess hair piece to give with the tutu to a princess loving girl.
  • tulle
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • any extra accessories or sparkly things you wish to add
1) Use pipe cleaners to form a circle. Twist two together to the appropriate size to form a circle. Twist two more together to form the same size circle. Again, twist two more together to form a circle. Stack your three circles together.
2) Wrap tulle around pipe cleaners to completely cover it. (As seen in the picture above).
3) Tie tulle together and leave a piece draping. You can add extra colors or tie extra pieces to drape down the back of the crown.
4) Just cut tulle to length, put middle over the crown and tie together using two overhand knots or put pieces of tulle together and tie one knot as shown in picture below.
5) Leave plain or embellish with more sparkly pipe cleaners, beads, ribbons, or anything you want to add.
As I mentioned before, I like to give the tutu and sometimes the princess crown with a Fancy Nancy book or an Angelina Ballerina book.
Any other creative birthday gift ideas? What do you give a princess loving girl? Enjoy!

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