Monday, October 19, 2009

Green Cleaning Recipes - Bathroom Cleaner

Until bathrooms become self-cleaning and preschool boys pay better attention with their aim, I'm stuck cleaning the bathroom.

I've shared my current favorite green cleaning recipe for mopping. Now I'll share my current favorite all-purpose cleaner that I use for the bathrooms. This recipe has been published many times over in various places. I obtained it from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

All-Purpose Cleaner
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 tsp. Borax
3 1/2 cups hot water
20 drops lemon or lavender essential oil
1/4 cup liquid dish soap
In a 32 ounce spray bottle, mix vinegar, borax, and water thoroughly. Add essential oil if desired. Add dish soap last.

I re-use a Method bottle to make up this recipe. I also halve the recipe to fit it in the Method bottle. I don't have any essential oil on hand, so I also leave that out. Instead of paper towels I use microfiber cloths or cheap washcloths from Target to wipe.

Here's another hint for a child friendly activity that helps develop lifelong skills. Get them involved in the bathroom cleaning! I hope that with starting them young, they'll keep it up. It's much safer when you use the "green" products, but I still keep the kids out of the way when I'm spraying and wiping. Scooter loves to help me clean the bathroom. I give him a Method bottle that just contains water and a cloth and he happily sprays and wipes away. He loves to do his bathtub and mine! (Someday his wife will thank me!)

Plus, Scooter loves to scrub the toilet! I use borax or baking soda in the toilet and he scrubs away with me supervising. I've even entertained him (under careful supervision) by putting baking soda in the toilet and then adding vinegar. Scooter calls it a volcano toilet!
Any other green cleaning recipes to share? How do you get your kids involved in helping to clean the bathroom or other parts of the house?

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