Friday, October 16, 2009

How Not to Dry Clothes

Have you ever had one of "those" days? The kind of day where no matter what you do, nothing seems to work out how you want it to? (Are you nodding your head?) Yep, I have a lot of "those" days too.

Be forewarned, this story isn't for the faint of heart. It's another mommy story with bowel movements mentioned. Mommies tend to deal with the bottom ends of children a lot, so we don't even blink when it comes to mentioning the word "poop."

This story was from about 2 years ago. I emailed a version of it off to family. They laughed, I didn't. I laugh now. Feel free to giggle.

How Not to Dry Clothes
Have you ever washed and dried poop? I will tell you that washed poop smells much better than dried poop!

So the true story goes....somehow unbeknownst to us...some poop got in with the laundry. I know it wasn't me and it wasn't Chewy. That left Biker Boy or Scooter and Biker Boy said he wasn't sure who it was (I assumed he was kidding.) So that left the two and a half year old Scooter!

I assume that Scooter must have had some small poops in his undies that remained there when he undressed for his bath. So underwear and poop got put into the laundry basket and it remained unseen even during sorting. While taking the "clean" laundry out of the washer I discovered a turd in the bottom and another on the agitator. So I proceeded to wipe out the washer and checked through the laundry that was now sitting in the dryer. I didn't see anymore and I turned on the dryer (medium heat). I must have missed a piece!

When the laundry was done drying I opened up the dryer and was subjected to a horrendous smell! Yuck! I immediately threw the clothes back in the washer and wiped out the dryer and lint trap. You might think that would didn't! I put the laundry back in for it's second trip through the dryer and was again disappointed to find it still smelled like poop. It didn't smell quite as horrendous as the first time, so I thought I could live with it. I proceeded to fold the laundry, hoping the smell would go away. Bad idea!

When Biker Boy came home I immediately held a shirt up to his nose and asked him to smell it. "It smells like poop," I cried and told him the lovely story. He said it wasn't too bad, but then started smelling all his clothes to see if he could tell the difference between the "clean" ones and the "poopy clean" ones. He could tell. I put on a t-shirt that was "poopy clean" and almost gagged.

So I again scrubbed out the dryer and threw the laundry in the washer yet again. This time when it went in the dryer it was joined by three dryer sheets I dug out of somewhere. The third time was the charm. We again had good smelling clothes and the poopy smell didn't return! At least a lesson was learned...never dry poop in the dryer!

Have you ever done that? Any other stinky stories that made you gag at the time, but now you laugh? Enjoy the weekend!

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