Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Make a Shadow Box

We've inherited all sorts of things from family members. Many of which still reside in boxes. This weekend I dug out some old spoons that we inherited from Biker Boy's great-grandma. There were quite a few spoons that got divided out to different family members and these were the ones that we got.
I purchased an 8x10 shadow box frame from Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I rarely purchase anything there for full price. Watch their ads every week and you're bound to come across what you want for cheaper at some point.

I cleaned the tarnish off the spoons as well as I could. Then I laid them out on the black backing. It took a few tries to get them all to fit and I even left 4 copper spoons out. After I laid them all out and took the picture, I realized I had to leave some room on the edges. I then had to squeeze the spoons together even more.

I heated up the hot glue gun to put the spoons on. I chose hot glue because if I messed up, it comes off fairly clean without leaving a mark on the spoon. You just need to make sure the glue is hot enough to have time to put the glue on the spoon and then adhere it to the backing. (Especially if you live in a dry environment, like I do.)

Here's the finished product below. Excuse the flash, it was hard to get a picture without a flash or reflection. We use to have those spoon hanging shelves, but I always refused to hang them up and eventually donated them. This works a little better for me. Now I just have to determine where I want to put it. For now it sits on the counter.
Have you done anything with a shadow box? I'm actually contemplating another round. We've got some foreign coins sitting in another box that might look good. What did you put in a shadow box or would like to put in one?


  1. Thank you for posting this idea. I have about 70+ spoons I'd love to display, and this idea is a great way to do that!

    1. Have fun creating a way to display your spoons!


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