Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Open a Tight Lid

I use to get frustrated when I couldn't get a lid off a jar and Biker Boy wasn't always around when I needed the manly strength.

Then I discovered (or read about) this little tip that has not failed me in years to get a tight lid off a jar. Now Biker Boy comes to me for help! *hee, hee*

You ready for this?

Bang the lid on a hard surface a couple of times. You should then be able to screw the lid off with ease. If not, bang again. Don't just tap...bang it. But not the jar, you don't want broken glass. Just give that lid a whop on the counter.
So easy! If I had learned this when we first got married, it might have saved me some frustration. I know it makes Biker Boy feel manly to open my jars for me, but I can find other ways to make him feel manly. *hee, hee*

Enjoy opening your jars with ease! Have you discovered another easy trick for opening jars or doing something else that lets you be "manly?"

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