Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Sew a Duvet from Shower Curtains

Yes, I made my daughter a duvet from shower curtains. It just happened. I love the things from Dwell Studio and Pinecone Hill, but my budget doesn't support that desire. With kids you either get things cheap because they use them hard or you get quality things that will last. I prefer cheap cost and high-quality product at the same time if I can get it.

Chewy had a hand-me down bright pink, green, blue, yellow....about every color there is.....flowered comforter from her Aunt's childhood. While it's a nice comforter, the colors weren't exactly my taste. I don't think Chewy cared. I like white things or basic patterns, while she prefers color.

While shopping at Target one day I came across two matching pink, brown, and white striped 100% cotton shower curtains with grommets. Hmm, I thought I could make those into a duvet. On clearance at $9.99 a curtain, it was cheaper than buying material. I asked Chewy if she liked them and got an affirmative, "uh-huh."

Fortunately shower curtains are the perfect width to make a duvet for a twin comforter, but not the perfect length. A trip to Hobby Lobby and $5 later I had some brown cotton material and a yard of fuzzy brown velvet ribbon.

With Biker Boy gone on a snowboarding trip and the kids in bed, I plopped myself down at the dining table with my sewing machine, turned on "Dancing With The Stars," and began to construct a duvet. It took me way past watching stars strut their stuff in barely there sequins and feathers to get the duvet done. Plus, I pretty much missed seeing the dances and hardly got a chance to laugh at some of the outfits. If I had one of those seamstresses, my duvet would have been done before the show was over.

I have only basic sewing skills, the kind I learned in home ec class in 8th grade. Thank goodness for sewing matching instruction booklets. I made up how I did the duvet as I went along, but I'm happy with the results. It's been in use for over 8 months now and repeatedly wash. Yes, I forget to diaper the child at naptime and nighttime sometimes and she wakes up wet. Plus, even diapered she can soak through a diaper in no time. Seriously, I think she holds everything when she has undies on and saves it for the diaper. Oh well, that's what a washing machine is for.

So, if you're interested in sewing a duvet from shower on. If not, we'll see you another time. Enjoy!

Disclaimer...I started blogging after the duvet was done. So these pictures are taken after the fact. Also, I'm a novice with I probably don't use the correct technical terms. I'll make up my own terms and hopefully you understand them.
How to Sew a Duvet from Shower Curtains

Wash and iron any material you will be using to make the duvet.
Lay shower curtains flat out and match up with comforter you will be covering. The width should be fine.
The bottoms of the shower curtains may not match up. Not a big deal. Grab the extra material and wrap it around the bottom of the comforter and bring it up to meet the shower curtains. This is so there is no seam at the bottom of the duvet.
Pin or somehow mark where you need to sew the brown material to the bottom of the shower curtains. Sew away from the inside.
Now you need to do the sides. Starting on the shower curtain, with everything turned inside out, sew next to the side seams of the curtain from the top down to the bottom. You've now reached the brown material. Sew down that till you reach the bottom. The edges of my brown material were folded in to give a clean look.
The duvet is complete, but it needs to be closed up somehow. I cut lengths of brown velvet ribbon and sewed velcro on them. (I do not like sewing velcro).

Run the ribbon through the grommets to close the duvet and you're done.

That's the basic rundown of what I did. Really basic. Can you tell I'm not an expert seamstress? Though my sewing has held up to many, many washings. Double cheers! Chewy prefers and I prefer her to use the "bottom" end of the duvet at her head. That way the grommets and ribbon aren't in her face while she sleeps.
For around $25, Chewy has a duvet that she can use till it pukes out. I'm pretty happy with it. Have you ever used something for a different purpose than it was intended? Enjoy!

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