Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pink Room Sneak Peak

Yes, I said a PINK ROOM. I was never much for pink, but it's growing on me. The color scheme for Chewy's room was pretty much dictated from some hand-me down furniture and accessories. Yes, I could have painted and such....but I've already got too many other projects to do, in addition to playing with the kids and housework.

Here's a sneak peek of some of those things in her room:

A pink recliner handed down from her great-great grandma. (Yes, 2 greats). That's a pillow I found on clearance at Target for $6. It zips off for easy cleaning, a plus in my house!

A little lamp handed down from her grandma, that use to reside in her Aunt's room. The heart shaped shelf it sits on is also a hand-me down from her great-great grandma.

A pink shelf from the same Aunt, that I repurposed with some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.

A white mirror found on clearance for $6 at Hobby Lobby atop my old baby dresser.

Two cotton shower curtains found on clearance at Target for $9.99 repurposed with a remnant of fabric and some velvet ribbon into a duvet that covers a hot pink flowered comforter from the same Aunt mentioned before. (Directions on that in a future blog).

Old frames that I remade with burlap and scrapbook paper.

Now we've added a nearly 50 year old canopy bed that I repainted and a few goodies from *swoon* IKEA. I'll post a picture in a couple of weeks of the before and after. Soon we're off for a week to celebrate the wedding of said Aunt.
The room is still a work in progress with a few things to add. Shelves in the one closet, organizing toys, pillow covers to sew, a cushion to cover a bench, a few more art pieces, and someday a new light fixture. How long does it take you to furnish and decorate a child's room? It apparently takes me a lifetime. Enjoy.

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