Monday, October 26, 2009

Preschooler Spa Day

Here's another article I wrote for a MOPS Newsletter. And yes, I did try all this. Smile, laugh, and be encouraged.

Preschooler Spa Day

While perusing a brochure from a day spa, I was daydreaming about the spa packages. A Caribbean body wrap, a steam room experience, therapeutic facial, soothing eye zone treatment, spa hand and foot treatment, and a spa lunch were all included in the spa package. It all sounded wonderful! Then I read, ‘Please allow four and a half hours.’ As a stay at home mom of a 4 and 2 year old, I’ve taken my kids with me for many appointments, including a 2-hour doctor appointment. It didn’t take me long to realize why the brochure said, ‘no children allowed.’ I was further jolted out of my daydreaming when I read the price. $270!! I could only think about how many weeks worth of groceries I could buy with that amount of money.

I may have not been able to enjoy a day spa, but every mom deserves a little pampering. So I thought I’d put my thriftiness (otherwise known as cheapness) and my kids’ curiosity and “talents” to good use. I had all the makings of a Preschool Day Spa Experiment. Declaring one day of the week as “jammy day,” I tried my best to replicate the spa feel at home and enjoy all those beauty treatments included in a spa package.

Therapeutic Facial – We had oatmeal for breakfast and oatmeal is supposed to be good for your skin. My kids always seem to have a face full of oatmeal after they eat it and they have beautiful skin. I was hesitant as I stuck my fingers into Chewy’s leftover oatmeal, but I slathered the cold maple and brown sugar oatmeal on my cheeks. I know sugar scrubs are good for your face, but next time I think I’ll use plain oatmeal. I’ll also use warm oatmeal and I won’t do it in front of my children. I think I encouraged them that playing with your food is okay.

Steam Experience – I had forgotten how I’m not of washing dried oatmeal off my kids’ faces. I discovered I’m not fond of washing it off of mine either. With the kitchen tap on hot I unhappily got my steam experience as I attempted to wash the crusty mask off my face. I was all smiles when I got it off until I became aware of two more little smiling faces, still covered in dried oatmeal.

Foot Treatment – With the oatmeal behind us, I decided to get out my pumice stone on a handle. “Foot thing,” Chewy happily squealed upon seeing it. I handed it to her and she proceeded to rub the bottoms of her footie pajamas. “Me too,” Scooter also squealed as he sat down and his sister rubbed his footie pajama bottoms. “What about mommy?” I asked. Chewy used the stone on the bottom of one foot for about 15 seconds before she decided it made a better drumstick. A fight then broke out over who got to use it and I won, but the pumice stone then had to go into hiding.

Massage – I told my kids we were going to play train. Chewy sat in front of Scooter and Scooter sat in front of me. We had to rub backs to make the train go. So I rubbed Scooter's back and he rubbed Chewy's. After some time I was anxious for my turn and said, “Let’s switch.” As we switched I heard an explosion from the rear end of Chewy. I realized a child in pajamas without a diaper or undies on was a big mistake and that was the end of my massage.

Spa Lunch – Not having to make lunch would have been ideal, but that wasn’t going to happen. I made it easy with almond butter and jelly sandwiches with grapes and cucumber slices. Lunch was only interrupted twice by trips to the bathroom, neither of which were for me.

Soothing Eye Zone Treatment – We had cucumber slices at lunch. I picked two up and put them on my eyes. “Mommy,” Scooter said, “Cucumbers are for eating.” I took them off my eyes and ate them.

Spa Hand Treatment – I soaked my hands in the warm bath water that Chewy soaked in to help a bad case of diaper rash. It wasn’t exactly a rose petal soak. Now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have been soaking my hands in that water. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer gel, I did get a good treatment of that throughout the day.

Unfortunately my spa day coincided with a day that both my children had the “runs.” I did find that deep breathing is quite calming. I took many a deep breath that day as I muttered silent prayers. Fortunately my spa day came at a cheap price:

Facial: Free, it was leftover oatmeal that would have gone to waste.
Steam Experience: 10 cents for the extra propane to heat the water.
Foot Treatment: Free, but I apparently didn’t tip enough.
Massage: Free, but I’d rather forget the ending.
Spa Lunch: $2, not including the cucumber.
Eye Treatment: 16 cents for the 2 slices of a 99 cent cucumber.
Hand Treatment: Free, it was bath water.
Dove Chocolate: 42 cents for the 5 pieces I needed.
Husband coming home from work: PRICELESS!!

If you wish to reprint my article, please give me credit. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, I believe doing some alternative spa treatments at home could mean a great family bonding for your kids. It would save your budget as well. After all, its just a matter of relaxation.


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